Sunday, February 7, 2010


If you write down "Halflings" on the Google-site you'll see that it are lovely creatures from the "Lord of the rings"-saga but as we don't deal about fantasy here (at least not literature) the Halflings I'm talking about is something different, even something very different.
Halflings are a duo from New York (Jeremy and Ryan) who make experimental electronic music. It's a very harsh sound with brutal distorted vocals, a sound that can be expected if you put Atari Teenage Riot and Crass into a blender.
The perfect sound to frighten your neighbours and if they're not at home, you'll be frightened yourself I guess.
It sounds like you're entering some morbid slaughterhouse, it are like the voices from the demons from hell, a trip to the sick minds of people who are putting their belief in electronic outbursts.
The result is so ugly that you're fascinated by it, it's the kind of music that makes you being labelled as a freak but who wants to be normal anyway....

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