Sunday, May 16, 2010


I know it isn't the greatest thing to read a review from something that the reviewer has no information about.
Most of the times I kind of shrug my shoulders and keep on skipping to the next record but this one is just too good to left unspoken.
Not that Das Projekt (don't know who they are or where they're from) do anything new as this is old school goth rock (in fact even very old school) and admit it with a title as this (and such a sleeve) you can do nothing wrong.
And the sound?
Well, true is true this is old Sisters Of Mercy and perhaps a bit like Garden Of Delight, but they already were something like a Sistersband, so there you go...
On this fine EP (how you have to search it, I dunno) Das Projekt are offering you 3 topgothrocktunes and a remix.
If these guys should ever read then please comment some info, as your band is a bit too good to be just overlooked!

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  1. We are from Brazil and we really liked the pós-punk movement... hugs