Sunday, May 9, 2010


We will bet for some bottle of beers that you can’t pronounce the word Originalljudet when you’re drunk (you can’t even do it sober) but before you think we need some psychical assistance, Originalljudet stands for odd/original music (as it’s Swedish ha!) and somewhere these guys from Stockholm couldn’t have found a better word to describe themselves.
It’s an impossible thing to sum up all the instruments these musicians are using, but it goes from a tuba to some accordion and their music is rather unclassifiable.
But as it’s our job to do so, I guess there’s no other way so let me say that this could be the perfect soundtrack from some unreleased movie by Jim Jarmush as indeed John Lurie isn’t that far away.
Sometimes it’s jazz (albeit never difficult), sometimes it’s avant-garde and sometimes it’s “I don’t know what” but throughout the whole cd these Swedes succeed in creating an atmosphere that is more than interesting!

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