Thursday, May 13, 2010


The world of music has their own geniuses, the so called enfant terribles of this world and I myself always had a soft spot for people like these and I guess that’s why I like so much artists like Mark E. Smith or someone like Terry Bickers.
Honestly said I was unaware who Matthew Sawyer was and the cd just got my attention as his music has been praised by my fave journo, Everett True.
But as soon as I opened my package I couldn’t help smiling to see Matthew used to be in …well the collection of the enfant terribles : Television Personalities.
Their classic “And don’t the kids just love it” is still having lots of airplay in my room and you can see me often taking a shower while I’m singing the notes of “Stupid Girl”, not that you wanna see that!
We all know what happened with Dan Treacy but if you ask me, when hearing Matthew’s music I guess it hasn’t been that much better.
Why would it? I mean those who think, suffer… it’s as simple as that…a cliché!
But what is not a cliché is the mighty album from Matthew that’s been in my cdplayer.
This following up from “Blue Blood Ghosts” might only reach a handful of people (I mean I don’t expect this genius showing up in Later with Jools or so) but just be sure that you are one of them who give it a try. Just try his My Space and mark my words : you’ll be hooked!
Listening to this album is a real adventure.
Okay, it’s singer songwriterstuff but it’s so bitter (think Mark E. Smith) that you won’t fall asleep (I mean this is not an Elvis Costello-record!) and the beauty lies in the details as they say, and these details can be a bit of everything.
Musically it’s damn hard to give a proper description, but it lies somewhere between the schizophrenic lo-fi pop from Daniel Johnston and the theatrical beauty from Current 93.
Looking at the index of my blog we have reviewed over 100 records this year, but this one belongs to the top, no doubt!!!

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