Monday, May 3, 2010


It has been quite a while ago since I was at a festival but 1st May 2010 was a bit of a special event as the 2nd edition of Bodybeats took place.
Little by little, this event is becoming the highlight for every EBM-fan and having a look around all the parked cars you definitely could see that it was an international fanbase the festival gathered.
Due to different circumstances I only start watching the 3rd band which was Sigue Sigue Sputnik.
Well, is it still Sigue Sigue Sputnik?
You better say Martin Deville's Sigue Sigue Sputnik as one of the original founders had a big row with Tony James about the use of the band's name, and yes it's all about the money...
I saw them in much better times and seeing that this is nothing more than some extravagant karaokebar makes you think if it's time to start cry or not.
At times it's nothing but commercial 80's disco but still nice to see, but definitely a band (well there are two of them left) without any future.
And then there was Luc Van Acker and if there is only one bad thing then it has to be that the festival just got started and that it was already my highlight.
Does anyone of our readers knows Luc Van Acker?
I hope so, but back in the 80's Luc Van Acker was one of the most important Belgian musicians, and I must have been 14 or so (what a long time ago is that) when I saw Luc doing one of the first gigs in my life and it impressed me a lot.
Later Luc went to America to be involved in Wax Trax Records and founding Revolting Cocks.
The band that was on today was called Revcoworld and it's a sort of reincarnation from Revolting Cocks.
From the very first seconds you saw that Luc was still the stageanimal he always used to be (even if it includes a beer belly).
Lots of covers (Depeche Mode's "It's no good", Bauhaus' "Kick In The Eye" and 101's "Rock to the beat") and believe it or not, during Rod Stewart's "Da ya think I'm sexy" (what a version that was) women started to throw their underwear on stage.
Perfect show, Luc!
And then it was time to wellcome the German Armageddon Dildos.
For those who follow EBM, they'll know that in the early 90's Armageddon Dildos were something like a household name.
Singer Uwe still plays the macho showman and after one song he's already semi-naked.
He jumps in the public, shows his muscles, drink their beers, smoke their fags and kisses every girl who's coming his way.
It can be a macho thing but this friendly man (well he hold my shoulder when he performed in front of me) still manages to create timeless EBM that is something like DAF meets Rammstein I guess, nothing new but it was great.
Spetsnaz were next and it was obvious that most of the audience had shown up to see them.
This Swedish duo aren't exactly my cup of tea but they kind of shocked the EBM-world with their Nitzer Ebb-sound.
The audience liked it but I was never that keen on NItzer Ebb-sounds even if their new material goes into the direction from...futurepop.
But the public gets what they want and they won the audience, that was clear.
An almost impossible task was waiting for Belgian band Signal Aout 42.
Not every one could understand why they were so high up in the bill and it surprised me too honestly.
I really dig the stuff from Jacky Meurisse and his comrades but they never reached that much of big audience over here.
Somewhere that's a shame as their melodic stuff creates much than just one classic.
At the end it was also justified they were at that place, great gig!
And then it was time to wellcome the last band : Cassandra Complex.
It might surprise you but these original Leeds-gothrockers are still around, especially after many projects from which no one ever worked.
Cassandra Complex might come out of the town from where the real goth was born but they always had a bit of an American sound and that was proven tonight as well when they finished their gig with a long (at times too long) version from Suicide's "Frankie Teardrop".
Singer Rodney Orpheus still acts as if he's Liam Gallagher and started the gig with words like "It's been a very boring day for us" or "Has it been good so far or perhaps better, has it been great so far ?".
It might be funny but if the audience think it's funny is a different thing, besides most of them were already in their car.
Bodybeats 2010 was a very nice edition with some real nice surprises and we can already make ourselves up for the 3rd one.
Highlight? I told you, Luc Van Acker!
See below our nice photoshoot and visit in some days as not only there is a full report by me (in Dutch) but soon a very large photoshoot from photographer Xavier.

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