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Support your underground that's the least we can do!
Void Of Sadness are a Belgian gothmetalband that soon can be seen at the prestigious Waregem Gothfest in Belgium.
For Dark Entries I made an interview, here's the interview!
How would you describe your music?

We take our inspiration from goth, new wave, metal and dance.
We are not the usual metalband who like heavy riffs and long solos but we like a good rhtythm, well thought drumpatterns, heavenly keys, a good bass and a good singing.
That’s how you can describe our music.

Can you tell us something about your history?

Just like so many other bands, I guess we have our ups and downs, different members and various ideas about the musical direction we wanted to go into.
Our two founders Andy and Jona found the right musicians.
Jonas got on keyboards and Kris took the bass and so Void Of Sadness got its shape.

I understood you will record a demo, something else in the pipeline?

We are totally busy writing songs.
After the summer we go into the studios to record our full album.

You are making goth metal, so I conclude that you like gothstuff too?

Even more than metal I guess, so yes goth is the stuff for us and for some of us it’s even a way of life!

Soon we can see you at Waregem Gothic, how did you get there?

We and our fans try to convince the organisator to book us there.
It was the organisator himself who got our demo, saw us playing live and he decided to put us on the bill.

I guess for gothmetalbands it’s not such a logic thing to get gigs over here….

Absolutely not as we’re outsiders.
Thanks to some relations we could play at some pubs, we took part in some band contests and throughout that point we got some mouth to mouth adverts, hoping that someone give us a chance.

No fear that other collegues would look down on you?

We hope for everyone the best, and with this attitude I hope to obtain the same.

You can say what you want but over here in Belgium it’s a very sad state for the undergroundmusic I think….

Same old story as ever, if you don’t have no money or if you have no connection in the small club then you can forget it.
The word “sad” isn’t even an exaggeration I think.
We live in Belgium and we are aware that our type of music will never get its attention it deserves….

The band’s name Void Of Sadness isn’t exactly the most uplifting of all names either.
Does this reflect your personal state of mind too?

We think the band’s name suits perfectly into the whole scene, just look at google and the two first pages are referring to us.
We stand with both feet on the ground and we are intelligent enough to realize that it’s not all wine and roses.
Music stays for us fun and a gig is still the best thing that can happen to us!

What can we expect at Waregem Gothic?

At every gig we give the best of ourselves.
At the Gothic Fest we will surprise our fans with some new songs and we will play an extra-ordinary gig.

Op iedere gig geven we het beste van onszelf.
Op Gothfest zullen we de fans verrassen met enkele nieuwe nummers en een stevige gig neerzetten .

The Last word is yours!!!

We are ready for you bitches... are you ready for us?

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