Saturday, May 15, 2010


2005 saw the release of “At the soundless dawn” and this record immediately evoked a real storm among the post-rockpublic because of its great soundscapes.
But when Josh Graham decided to give it a go, the future stayed uncertain for a while till Cliff Meyer, known from Neurosis-fame, decided to join the band.
If you know that there are already members from Isis involved, you kind of expect this to become a sort of metalalbum but that’s surely not the cause.
“The fear is excruciating, but therein lies the answer” has become the ultimate post-rockalbum in where soundscapes and guitaroutbursts with an emotional touch are the main ingredients.
Typical for Red Sparowes-tunes is that they all have an upbuilding character, it starts slows and little by little they add some drones or some ambient atmosphere till it explodes and you can float away on delicious guitartunes that even have a bit of a shoegazetouch.
Haven’t we heard this before with bands like Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor or Saxon Shore?
Somewhere we did of course, but Red Sparowes are the kind of band who are led by emotions and luckily enough, just as too many post rock bands do, they’re not trying to convince us how intelligent they are till all the listener can do is just start yawning…
And that’s why I guess Red Sparowes can reach a wider audience (with a good taste though).
By songs like “A swarm” or “A mutiny” you kind of expect to hear suddenly Syd Barrett sing while a track like “In illusions of order” might remind you of Savage Republic.
“The fear is excruciating, but therein lies the answer” has become a perfect soundtrack for the musiclover who is in search for the real emotions in life.
I would definitely give it a chance if I were you!

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