Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Is there still future left for futurepop ?
After so many VNV Nation and Apoptygma Berzerk-clones, it can be a question to be asked and honestly said the drive has somewhere disappeared in this genre.
From time to time thouhg, there are releases left which try to create some new breathe into the genre.
Lost Area are a band as such and with the release of their “Memoria”-album (released on Echozone), they succeed in it partly.
“Memoria” is the following up from their 2008 release “Man Machine” (agreed, it’s not the most original thing ever) and even if it’s a good step forwards, it’s not the perfect album anyway.
Sadly enough, this already happens from the start as songs like “Memoria” (a weak opener) or “Bloodrain” are nothing more than flat And one-melodies with the needed futurepopbeats.
Once the first ten minutes of boredom are over (you can always use the skipbutton) you easily find access to songs like “Mirror”, “Lies”, “Evil eye” or “Live your dream” that reminds us of the early work from Project Pitchfork or even Angels and Agony.
The highlight is without any doubt the melancholic “Gauardian Angel” that can stand next to the best from what Clan Of Xymox did on their “Hidden Faces”-album.
Besides some beautiful synthpopsongs we also get some dreadful stuff like “Ikarus” (very much like Goethes Erben) or “Dream on” which is nothing but SPOCK but without the fun.
No, “Memoria” isn’t exactly the savior from futurepop but due to some excellent tracks, this is one of the better releases from last months even if not every reader will get used to the very strange voice from singer Jan Bertram.
Was there someone around who was mentioning a mini-album???

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