Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I know we could fill this whole blog with forgotten music and I guess when my last day comes it will be far from completed.
Why doing it then?
Nothing better to do I guess...the thrill of the game as it's been so beautifully said.
Le Joshua are such a band no one has ever heard from, and if you look on the net then you'll only be dissapointed but at least I found a My Space-page.
All I know is that Le Joshua were from Los Angeles and their music was vivid hardcore mixed with pop.
Something like The Make Up meets Unwound I guess...
You're thrilled? I feel it...
Also do know that they once released a classic album (well for me, it's a classic album!) named "Point to the sky"...I know find that, but if you do then, well then....


  1. Point to the Sky is one of my favorite albums - maybe of all time. It's so raw and beautiful. Seriously, this shit is gonna be excavated one day.

  2. sweet! a friend sent this to me. i played drums/wrote songs in leeejewsh. thanks for the thrill of forgotten music. i think you can download the album off mediafire or websites like that and take all our money!! for further vivid hardcore, see . thenew

  3. I would so like to have that album. Any ideas where I could get it?