Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The most interesting, or perhaps weird release we heard in a long time, is coming from Germany.
Les Sirenes Debrouillards might be a French name but in their daily time
you can see them hanging around somewhere in Germany, Nordheim.
The little (but interesting) Plastic Frog Records-label just released their debut "Lena"
and this analog minimal synthmusic sounds like it's been made in the
early 80's by artists like A Blaze Colour and Martin Dupont.
If this release wouldn't have a datesign added, you would automatically
store this record among your releases by the likes of Crash Course In Science,
Neon Judgement or No More.
Most of the tracks tracks do have that typical 80's approach, a devil's laugh and
an erotic female voice,...and hey sometimes "Electric Salsa" by Off
(does anyone remember that song?) came to my mind.
Genius release even if we have absolute no other further
information left, but I guess you know enough....

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