Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Just like every genre, gothmetal has a very wide range and it's damn difficult to describe it in a proper way.
The new German band Aschental gave me the same headache.
Their heavy black-doom-gothmetal is one of a brilliant kind but after enjoying it for 35 minutes, the big letdown is : and now describing it...
Most of the tracks are extremely loud (even if it's always moody and melodic) with a brutal gothvoice and at rare moments there is some time for an atmospheric medieval interlude.
You heard it before?
Sure, but then again you heard everything before...
Anyway, these guys are so nice to let you decide yourself as on their myspace-page you can download their album for free, and yes : if you are into powerful, extreme gothmetal with a feel for melodies, you should download that thing!

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