Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We are not really used to review here black or death metal records on these pages,
the reasons why not are just the wrong ones, but the fact is that The Original sin is
invented to give a shout to new bands and so we happen to have no boundaries.
Just bear in mind that there are genres around I know not that much of and
black metal is one of them, but I got this sent from Firebox (who seem to
distribute this) when they mailed me some mighty releases you find elsewhere
on these pages.
Firebox means Finland and so Chthonian are Finnish too.
The band originally found its shape in 1998 but due to several changes
(they went from band to band), this "The preachings of hate are lord"
is their second release only so far and it's out on Woodcut Records.
Some tracks on here actually quite brilliant as they try to melt old school
hardcore with a black metalsound ("You should be ashamed of yourself"
and closing song "The preachings of hate are lord"are fine examples of this melting pot).
With its 8 songs it's a rather short release but still vivid enough to
shake your mind and in all honesty much better as many of the so called "intelligent" releases
which are waiting here for me....

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