Saturday, May 22, 2010


For Original Sin-readers (the old ones with wrinkles on their face!) Morc Records is no longer a secret as since the beginning of this mighty zine we featured this tiny Belgian label that got more and more succesfull in the undergroundscene.
If you wanna know what Morc Records is, well it's the brainchild from Wim Lecluyse, a fine man who happen to be completely into drones and soundscapes.
Yes sir, we do call that experimental music!
Isn't experimental music boring then?
It's in the way that you see it I guess.
True is true some experimental dronemusic makes me fall asleep (but so do some indiepop or goth, mind you) but the greatest thing about Morc is that Wim was always precious in his choice.
"It's the quality, not the quantity" he says and it can be a cliche but it's a cliche with worth!!!
Anyway, never expected him to come back with an album (well, it's a minialbum) from his own band Circle Bros.
This record has been produced by Michael Anderson from Drekka and once again we find Wim again with his soundscapes, guitarloops and all sort of sounds that are melted together to become that precious sound that makes you dazzling.
Must say though that the B-side is more experimental.
Hungry for more?
Oh, and while we're on the track if Wim's music might be too experimental then perhaps try out the wonderful female lo-fi folk from Annelies Monseré.
As far as I'm aware the Morc-releases are in the UK available through Norman Records.

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