Monday, May 10, 2010


The most boring and useless question I can think of is if someone comes up to me and wonders why I'm still into gothic in 2010.
"Isn't that the genre from Sisters Of Mercy or The Cure?" and while asking you see that they tend to forget the other 10.000 bands from now and then.
Are they living in the past?
Yes, they do but I can't understand why that's never been said about bands who are playing like Led Zeppelin.
Why do I defend goth?
I don't know...maybe it's because of all these prejudices that a band like Legion won't get the chances they deserve, I dunno...
Legion are a new three piece-gothband with a drummachine and they're from Leeds (I know it couldn't be more original, but it's nothing but a fact) who just have released a quite genius mini-album called "The hereafter".
O yes, I love it especially as a track like "Lust" is so similar to what once Danse Society did whereas something like "Premonition" can be best described as Play Dead with Clan Of Xymox-synths.
So yes you lovely critics, nothing new or innovating here, just old school goth with class and you can start laughing, but it's better than 90% from what the so called serious press is offering us these days.

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