Saturday, May 8, 2010


Never heard from Hearts Of Palm?
Well, you're not to blame as to be quite honest I know no one who has ever has heard from then...and yet in an ideal world this should be ranked high in every chart.
But an ideal world doesn't even exist in some dumb Hollywoodmovie so there you go...
This band is centred around Erica Elektra and this glamgirl from LA decided that perfect pop (she calls her stuff indie-poptronica) is better put in the hands from Henrik Jonsson.
Yup, if you wanna have great pop then you have to be in Sweden.
Henrik used to work with the likes of The Knife and Robyn.
It all resulted in this great "For life"-album which is Yazoo meets Dubstar.
On 11 songs you hear electronic beeps (all with the use of a great KORG-synth)in where the creator is not afraid to use pop.
Lady Gaga, be very afraid!!!!, oh yes this world is not an ideal one....

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