Sunday, May 16, 2010


It’s hard to believe but Les Nuits Botanique are almost over but this Friday we were lucky to wellcome 4 bands on stage even if 4 can be too much, but tell this to a student with a tiny budget!!!
Botanique already cares about new Belgian talent since ages and today they gave the chance to Driving Dead Girl to climb on a big stage, not that they could convince me that much simply as I never was into straight plain rock but true is true, they know how to handle a stage.
And then there was a band named Wintersleep.
You read it more than once on these pages but there’s something good going on in the Canadian underground even if I never would count Wintersleep among them but as the press gives them so much coverage with their soon to be released “New Inheritors”, I thought I had to give them the benefit of the doubt as well.
I never was keen on pianomusic as it reminds me too much of Keane (hey, that even rhymes!) but true is true that these Canadians were much rawer (and kind of better) as there was from time to time a shoegazeguitar, not that it could hide that awful Neil Young-like voice.
The problem with Wintersleep is that on one moment (“Black Camera” for instance) you are thinking that you discovered the next big thing but soon there after you hope they disappear in the dressing room as soon as possible.
Indiepop with ups and downs but mostly downs though.
And then luckily for the evening there was the arrival from Zaza.
You read it on these pages before and you will read it more (believe me) but if you wanna hear great indiemusic with a shoegazesound then the US is the place to be.
Not that Zaza are again another My Bloody Valentine-copy as they use their shoegazeinfluences in a more original way.
Their “Cameo EP” (released on Kanine Records from Grizzly Bear) can be best described as Galaxie 500, Sonic Youth (when Kim Gordon sings), Mazzy Star and of course…how can we forget…Slowdive.
Zaza’s music is more one of the quiet kind even if the sound was terrible that evening, something that would be the case too with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club as by Zaza you hear loud drums with a too heavy bass but the subtile shoegazeguitars couldn't be heard most of the times .
Anyway at the end of the evening, Zaza couldn’t believe it themselves that they played for such a wide audience and that this audience embraced them…
I myself couldn’t believe it either that finally an underground band has been given such a chance.
And then there was time for that bunch named after those bikehooligans from Marlon Brando’s “The wild one”.
It’s a sort of contradiction.
You just watched some new shoegazerevelation (Zaza) but the band who came together throughout their love for Ride and who were responsible for the reincarnation of the Jesus & Mary Chainsound is know more going for the Led Zeppelin/Doors-route.
This could already been heard on their latest offering “Beat the devil’s tattoo” but whereas the cd is still fine, on stage it became more and more boring not in the least as once again the public had no respect (speaking during gigs should be forbidden!) and of course that terrible noise again…and two hours hearing them is just too long!
Plus Black Rebel MOtorcycle Club forgot an essential thing : no tunes...
Of course it stays a fact that BRMC are a bunch of well trained musicians and they can play, but more than once I started yawning and if it wasn’t for the sake that is against my principles, I would have left earlier as they’re simply too boring.
When BRMC were once the band who gave you a straight in the face-touch, they are now becoming the sort of musicians who care more about boring guitarsolos and the awful “look ma how good I can play!”-attitude.
Not a wasted evening as there was Zaza but BRMC are out of my books….

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