Monday, May 24, 2010


Reviewing records today feels like you're in the 80's again.
I mean,who could have thought in 1992 that I was sitting here with a cd on my lap which a sleeve that looks familiar to Nasmak and is described as psychedelic post-punk?
That's how these lads from San Francisco are describing their music and even if I would skip the bit of "psychedelic", it's more than just some words to fill some bio.
This reminded me of the finest stuff that is made by bands like The Gadgets, Alternative TV or The Monochrome Set.
Who are they?
Ask daddy if he got a sublime taste...and if not, that's not a reason not to dig this.
To add the typical 80's touch, they used a Tascam 388 tapemachine (mind you, I took that from their bio too) to come up with that typical 80's sound.
We love it as it's spontaneous and it will be played over and over...
Now where's my first album by The The?

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