Thursday, May 13, 2010


People can be quite imaginative if it comes to finding names for their bands.
I mean if you’re named Annie Stevenson and there isn’t an Annie around, or not even a woman?
What does that say? Perhaps 4 guys who are longing for a sex change who knows?
Well perhaps, as their four-track demo has something of a glam feel that found its roots in the 70’s and seeing that they come up with T.Rex and Marc Bolan as references, it gives me hope that my ears are quite allright.
These Glasgewians are offering you here 4 songs and if you like Rachel Stamp (does anyone remember fanzinedarlings Rachel Stamp, anyway?) or early Manic Street Preachers then you will like them either I guess.
I heard a lot of demos in my life, some crap, some very crappy and of course great ones too but Annie Stevenson are a band who have a real strong sound and it sounds like it’s ready to be pressed on vinyl.
Now where’s that recordcompany?

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