Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Finally some darkwaverelease we are wild about and what a release it is!
Andreas Gross are a new band from Germany who just have released their "Stone Thrower EP" on Echozone
and already after hearing 5 songs (well there are 7 on here, but 2 of them are remixes)
we are looking forward to the full album.
Their label might speak in terms of gothic trip hop (what's in a name?) but you better don't
believe this completely, even if it's clear that their stuff is influenced on 90's sounds and
then in particular bands like Cranes, Slowdive or Hooverphonic.
All spotlights are targetted on Tabitha's voice which is quite similar to Rachel Goswell from Slowdive,
or in other terms : magnificent!
If Tabitha doesn't sing like on the instrumental "At the edge", Dif Juz comes above.
I'm normally not into remixes but the ones that are featured on here put these
German dreamchildren in an other dimension!
We're really looking forward to their album which soon must hit the shops.

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  1. This is the wrong photo, it is not the band a.g.. The album has already been released in October 2009 and it's called "we like ghost girls".