Sunday, May 9, 2010


Fans from this German synthpopband will be rather surprised to see that this cover from Dead Or Alive, that already has been on their “Bondage”-album and featured on “Cover Classics” as well, is now released as a single.
But then again, you are maybe one of those who like to watch “Desperate Housewives” (not me) and perhaps then you have noticed No Comment’s version there…so that’s the reason.
Anyway, I always thought it was a bland cover and not really for No Comment (their original material is so much better) and some new remix won’t change that.
You even get a second cover (plus a remix from that one) with Vangelis’ “Pulstar” and again I can only shrug my shoulders…
Luckily enough there are three original songs by No Comment which saves the day, well kind of…
I can only recommend you No Comment as being a genius synthpopband but this EP is for very very die-hardfans only….

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