Tuesday, May 4, 2010


When I was a young kid I had a 7"inch from a band called Bachman Turner Overdrive, it was about something you ain't seen nothing yet.
Decades later comes from Canada (yes I know, soon we can live there!) a band named Shane Turner Overdrive comes my way.
Actually it all came as some surprise as I recently reviewed an album by the rather great Fanshaw and it happens that one of their musicians is involved in this band as well.
The honesty in me needs to point out that I was expecting something like Fanshaw but it's something totally different.
Does it make sense to describe a band as modern psychedelic pop?
And then I mean something like early Dandy Warhols or like those other Canadians I can't shut up about, Besnard Lakes.
I wish I could say more about 'em but that's all I found...
So perhaps this time music speaks louder than words....

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