Saturday, May 1, 2010


Reviewing this album is quite difficult for me as I'm forced to do something I hate...
Some days ago I got the new album by The Fall in my hands and somewhere I wished I could have said that it was the best album ever but the honesty in me obeys to do not,...besides what use in telling lies and secondly you can form an opinion too cuz that's all what matters here on this blog : opinions, and yes...information.
Talking about opinions which might not always be what you expect them to be, but then...
Plus, I'm not paid for it and most of the stuff reviewed on here is bought with own money...
So let me rave a bit about Archie Bronson Outfit.
Most ugly sleeve I saw in a long, long time (perhaps the most ugly sleeve I will see this year) and you might think that this band will offer you some kind of ordinary lo-fi pop that no one wants to hear except the performers themselves but hey no...
The Archie Bronson Outfit reminded me of the Fall at their best, Gallon Drunk (they never had a best moment as they always were at their best), the later Spacemen 3 and I guess a sort of lo-fi New Order sound.
I know there's no such thing as a lo-fi New Order sound but you can make the picture.
Garagerock melt with psychedelica melt with a genius touch makes Archie Bronson Outfit something like...the band!!!!

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