Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It has to be said, a gothmetalband that's been named after the city
where Batman lives, isn't the most original thing men can think of.
Luckily enough for me, their "Disbeliever"-album isn't suffering from the same
lack of imagination even if I never would categorize these Finnish hardrockers
under the term goth rock, as something like heavy dark rock is
more to the point.
It's all melodic, never too hard, honestly said all a bit too American for my
taste but this definitely can compete with bands like Paradise Lost, Amorphis
or even the late Killing Joke.
I really digged the uptemposongs even if they're quite close to FM-hardrock
(sometimes like the soundtrack from those teenmovies from the 80's, John Hughes indeed)
but sadly enough I was never that keen on hardrock ballads and they're some among here.
All by all, we can recommend you this new release on Firebox to
anyone who is interested in melancholic rock with a heavy touch!

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  1. Maybe there's something more behind the band's name...