Saturday, May 8, 2010


Mondkopf might sound like some dark German indusband but it's just the pseudonym from a Parisian named Paul Régimbeau.
Last year Mondkopf released his debut EP on Full House (the label from Fluo Kids) and within no time the press declared him the Kevin Shields from the electronica.
This description was only good for the 23-year old man as he soon got asked for doing remixes by bands like The Golden Filter or The Teenagers.
And now some months later his debut got released on Asphalt Duchess and the only question that burns on anyone's lips : is the result as good as it was being expected?
From my part it's a big yes even if I'm not the traditional dancekid but Mondkopf made one of the most daring, original an adventurous electronic releases I heard in a long time.
Loud Eurobeats (think Vitalic, think early Orbital, think Modeselektor) which is not afraid of some industrial beats (Nurse With Wound, Coil), some futurepop (VNV Nation looks around the corner) and closing track "Ave Maria" could be on any gothalbum.
Yes, like this album a lot!!!!

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