Sunday, May 16, 2010


Click on Google the word “flutter” and you’ll see it is some tool to help people who suffer from cardiac diseases but add music on the click and you’ll come accross the wonderful (but I guess frightened too) world of Christine Ignaldson.
Christine has got a classical training in music (which can be heard), not that it translates itself into some neo-classical stuff (even if some parts have beautiful pianopieces) but in something more electronic.
To be quite honest, I haven’t heard other stuff from Christine (or do I have to say Flutter?) as this woman is already active since 1997 but on this record (great sleeve by the way) it’s like if she is wanting to explore all the electronic types of music that are available.
It goes from new age (without the boring bits), laid back electronics, trip hop, clubkillerstuff, harsh electronics in Nine Inch Nails-style till the more mellow moods from Goldfrapp.
Throughout these various insights it doesn’t make “And there is light” that much of an easy record but still worth checking out nonetheless.

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