Monday, May 3, 2010


It looks like folk is kind of hip again.
Not that much of a surprise if you see that recent bands like Midlake, First Aid Kit or Beach House gave the folkgenre a sort of new touch even if the respect for the big examples of the 70's stays immense.
From now on you can add the Montreal-based band Valleys to that list as well.
This duo (well, they're Matilda and Marc) could convince Orson Presence for producing their debut.
In case the bell doesn't automatically ring, Orson used to be one of the members from the legendary post-punkoutfit The Monochrome Set.
You definitely can hear that on several tracks...
In a folksong like "The heavy dreamer" you can recognize a sort of 80's bassguitar that could have come from The Cure's "A Forest" or on a song like "Slow Path" that automatically reminded us of the highdays of Kim Deal.
In fact we could say something unusual about every song on here and that makes "Sometimes water kill people" kind of perfect for those who think folkmusic has to be boring.

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