Sunday, May 9, 2010

But we're sticking to the essence of life : music.
Yesterday here in Belgium was the Beati Full Dawn V fest which features 3 bands who are operating in the alternative dark scene.
Dark Poem, For Greater Good and Militia : that were the bands...
First ones one the bill were the female duo Dark Poem.
For them it was only their 2nd gig ever but that couldn't be seen as it seemed that these women are used to go on stage.
Every song meant a new outfit and it's a bit like Schaduwjaagster (I'm not going to translate that for you) told me some days ago : fairytale electro, but fairy tales means good and bad.
Musically it's some mixture of the ice cold electronic beats from Kirlian Camera and the more tribal stuff the later Dead Can Dance are doing.
Very, very pleasing act and you can be sure that we will follow them on these pages.
For Greater Good were next.
If you're a regular reader (but even better if you have a perfect memory, or just if you are clever and using the Google search-button) their name will be familiar.
This band is some sort of project from Sam De Vos and they describe their music as post-industrial soundscapes.
I myself always thought they were like In The Nursery even if yesterday I saw something interesting as well that reminded me of what Robert Fripp and Brian Eno, the pussyfootin' thing indeed.
Just a shame these guys had to deal with a sound engineer who didn't know his job but for the rest : one of the bands to follow over here.
Finally there was Militia on stage.
Militia are over here something of a common name in the industrial range.
Despite using samples or something like didgeridoos, it's all clear that these men (and women) took their inspiration from Test Dept., but a bit less melodic.
Everything that you normally can see at a fleamarket (and stays unsold) is used for percussion.
While hearing the dead loud drums, people could watch old images from the Spanish Civil War or footages from Eisenstein's "Potemkin".
Dead loud, but sometimes you need that in your miserable life...
Another day that we were dead tired (it ended in the middle of the night as usual), but we felt lucky afterwards.
If you are into alternative (dark) stuff check out these bands!

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