Thursday, May 6, 2010


Perhaps Philip Petit is not the most known name in musichistory but if you see with whom this French musician has worked with so far, you fall over.
Lydia Lunch, Scanner, Foetus, Graham Lewis or James Johnstone (formerly Gallon Drunk) are just some names and believe me, we could add much more!
For his newest CD, Philip Petit wanted to use the same system as he used on his previous one (Reciprocess:+/vs).
It's all quite simple, but you have to think of it of course...
Philip made the basic stones (which were mostly electro-acoustic compositions) and he send them worldwide to various muisicians who could do with it whatever they want.
For this cd, Philip could rely on the help of Graham Massey (the mastermind behind 808 State), Andy Diagram (Pale Fountains, Pere Ubu) and a container full of other musicians.
The final result is amazing and this cd is surely one of the strongest releases this year in the experimental league even if it is as good as impossible to catch it all in one review though.
If you have to compare it with something (you better don't) then Barry Adamson might be something...
Just like Barry, Philippe Petit creates a world that balances between ambient, jazz (don't let it put you off that much as I don't even like jazz myself), big bandmusic (think of Jerry Goldsmith's Hollywoodsoundtracks), avant-garde, Debussy and tons of other stuff.
If you think this id just art for art's sake you're wrong as this is just a lovely record to enjoy...
Check out.

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