Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Sometimes you have releases you really can't judge simply as they're not to judge.
Well, okay you can say something about everything but in case of a band like the Italian electro outfit
White Pulp you can only conclude that they're victimized by a schizophrenic feeling as
one part wants to be Marilyn Manson and the other part opts for futurepop blended
with some Depeche Mode.
Just like if it's not complicated enough this duality can be split up in a further two parts : sometimes it works
in a perfect way and sometimes you grab your discman in search
of the almighty skip-button.
Opening track "Malediction" is perhaps one of the best openers you'll hear this year (genius
futurepop with metallic guitars) and there are tracks on which they can obtain this quality (with its
Spanish guitar "Just like me" you can hear the best Depeche Mode-song this year which is not made
by Depeche Mode) but too many tracks are too bland.
Their cover from "Mad World" by Tears For Fears just don't work, and I wanna
hear that other (beautiful) Italian doing it anyway : Spectra*Paris.
And we could go on and on, some really misses but then again some really hits either.

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