Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Thank God there is something like the internet, not?
I mean, music from Finland…
Admit it, if you’re not from there then something like 20 years ago you only were aware of some crappy entry from the Eurovision Songcontest and that was your portion for the whole year.
Today it's different. You get a mail from someone (hi Leeor!) who informs you about something brand new and there you go!
Well enough bollocks, let me now introduce you to that band called Regina Preps.
They probably would end up in the latest position from that famous Contest as they’re being far too original but believe me, this band from Helsinki know what pop means.
No, mind you…you won’t able to sing one word along with Lisa …unless you’re Finnish.
God, what do I love her voice that is something like a cross between Nina Persson and Stina Nordenstamm.
But understanding it or not, singing along or not, who was it who said that music is an universal language?
Can’t remember who said these words anyway but but this is heavenly pop even if Regina Preps are the kind of band who are not satisfied with taking the easy way as they search influences in avant-garde, jazz or 60’s pop but the essence is always those three words : pop.
Recommended stuff.
And look, there’s not only internet…there’s something like My Space too…

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  1. these guys are great. but they're called regina, not regina preps!!!