Monday, May 24, 2010


What is wrong with Swedish bands these days and their obsession to sound like if they're on some Carabian beach?
I mean, a day after having heard the genius Club 8, I have now the latest offereing from Swedish's band JJ here which is simply titled "N°3" and once again it feels like you're on some white beach in Haiti.
A bad thing?
Well, let me be honest...I mostly would say "yes" as this sort of tropical stuff is music that I normally relate to fleamarkets but this wonderful band made something great from it.
Besides this album has been made album of the month in April by Rough Trade so...
It's ethereal pop (some say it's Enya, can't deny it that much) with melancholic synths and from the moment that it's all too depressive (I never said this was like Barry Manilow) there is an addition of some Carabian rhythm.
Love it, love it a lot and to make you completely jealous : this new Swedish popsensation plays tomorrow around my corner!
Will I be there? What else do I have to do? So yes!!!!

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  1. Hello. This image with the girl in front of the bottle, is that in relation to the abum by JJ? Because it looks well with the sound of the song "Let go" on their I believe 3rd album? Please email me back in reference to this. Thank you:)