Friday, May 7, 2010


A review is a review, an opinion...and with hearing Act Noir I kind of got reminded of this not so unimportant statement.
If reading about Act Noir I saw them compared to bands like Tool or A Perfect Circle, two bands I absolutely can't stand so in all honesty my exceptions weren't that high but I got two things to trust in.
Well, first of all never do believe what others wrote (okay I got your point, you don't have to believe me either) and secondly that this was released by the fine Italian cultlabel Eibon Records.
For this Italian band who already shared stages with Clan Of Xymox and John Foxx, this step was very important as the title of the album is more than symbolic as
"Shape a new start" wellcomes a new singer, Gaetano Notarnicola.
Never be fooled by the first track either as it will reminded you of Nine Inch Nails.
Not that this is bad but the rest of the album is something different, something better...
On their MySpace-page you can hear what I mean (ones of my fave tracks is featured on there) as it can be best compared with what Depeche Mode did during their "Black Celebration"-days and if you add some nice gothicguitars to it, you have something that describe these Italians.
I am definitely convinced that on this cd there are songs featured that every gothfan should hear.
Check this band out even if you don't like Tool!!!!

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