Sunday, May 9, 2010


Friday 7 May was the start of another new edition from one of the finest festivals over here : Les Nuits Botaniques.
For our first day we choose the mighty Archie Bronson Outfit.
But before seeing them it was first time to welcome Peggy Sue who recently got a recorddeal with the British Wichita records.
It was the very first time for these Brighton-girls that they played over here but it was clear that most of the public were more interested in seeking the bar instead of hearing their lo-fi indieblues/garagerock-sounds.
And they might be named after the hit from the rocker with the glasses but that’s all what compares them either…
So let’s keep it to a “nice one but too weak songs” and with that another British hype is gone either…
Something totally different was Archie Bronson Outfit though…
Some weeks ago there new album “Coconut” came out and it might have the ugliest sleeve of the year but their music is a more than welcome thing.
The press over here doesn’t know what to do with it and so they opt for the easiest way which is not mentioning them but anyone who has a bit of musical knowledge easily will recognize a fine mixture from Spacemen 3 with the mighty Fall.
When those five gentlemen climbed on stage, dressed in African dresses we knew immediately that this was going to be the sort of concert from which we would keep on talking afterwards.
After some lo-fi discointro on organ, they turned the volumelevel to the right side and it soon became a psychedelic fast train ride in where there was no pause to breathe and if it stopped once it was only to let singer Sam Windett say a humble “Thank you”.
Most songs were coming from the “Coconut”-album and it became quite clear that their rich psychedelica-sound was enriched with lots of electronica and that certainly was caused by the influence from producer Tim Goldsworthy who is a big electropopfanatic.
Archie Bronson Outfit are not the kind of band who seek catchy melodies as therefore their psychedelic guitars, wah wah pedals, straight hard drums, 50’s rock guitars, fuzzguitars, African rhythms and God knows what is far too cacaphonic for the usual musiclistener.
After an hour the fun was over and even if we had to put our finger in the ear to let disappear the buzz that was caused, we know that next time they’re playing here that you’ll find us at the first row again.

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