Sunday, May 16, 2010


Fans from dark music always have the pleasure that they get releases with great artwork and in the case of French-basedYear Of No Light it’s not different ..
A desolate island photographed in black and white and with this you already get a glimpse of the very dark mood of this dark release, as this is indeed the kind of release for people who like to see life a bit darker.
This is the following up from the album “Nord” that saw its light back in 2007 and the big difference here is that the new album is completely instrumental.
You get 4 songs on here (all four of them are just under the 10 minute border) which are into an atmosphere of self destruction, dreams and a feeling in where you’ve been beaten to death.
Musicwise this post-metalrelease sounds like an instrumental doommetalrecord with influences from both post-rock or shoegazing.
We can imagine that after 50 minutes of this doomnoise changes are rather small that you will be in for a cosy afternoonwalk but then again it’s no secret that the dark side of life has its own beauty.
Absolutely recommended.

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