Monday, May 24, 2010


Well dear friends,
as I spoke with some friends about it I guess I have to share it with you too.
I was thinking last week to stop The Original Sin as it's all been too much.
My Dutch speaking mates know that I'm involved in 3 e-zines over here and that can be by times a bit too much.
I spoke about it with a friend (remember A Place To Bury Strangers) for the first time to give this zine a go, bury it.
But some days later I was kind of thinking : why would I bury my own child?
I mean, I always has been proud of this concept and regarding the positive reactions I guess you keep on liking it, even if it's in a total different format.
I decided to let it live, yeah...saved by the bell!
I only will skip the boring bits.
From now on you will find no gigreviews on here, if you wanna read 'em just jump to
They're in Dutch, I know, but be honest : if you live in Philadelphia then you're not interested how the gig from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club was in Brussels.
I will no longer do exclusively interviews especially for The Original Sin.
I just will post the original ones from above cited sites in their original forms here.
And for the rest : stick to the bone and doing what The Original Sin always stands for, supporting the alternative scene for a 100%.
And yes, if you're unsigned you can contact me to me and I'll give you a listen, only not if you're the local New Kids On The Block.
So yes, this fanzine is once alive again...looks like some f*** horrorsequel!

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