Saturday, July 3, 2010


Blame it on Obama, blame it on whoever might be responsible for it (maybe even no one) but I like my music in 2010, but my music seems to come from America.
Chelsea Wolfe for instance.
Who is she? Well she’s hot, she’s goth and she is full of talent.
You see from the moment a band is linked to the mighty sounds from Dum Dum Girls or ColdCave then you know that you’re aiming at something good.
Not that this female singer-songwriter sounds like the above mentioned bands but she also seems to seek her inspiration in the dark 80’s gothpop.
Some will say she’s like Cat Power (she might be), unimaginative reviewers even will say she’s like Tori Amos (she’s not) but over here we say this Californian woman that seems to be born for the future is like if you should have locked up Siouxsie in a room for countless days, only armed with a guitar…yes, it’s that fragile and I guess it’s that good.
To discover!


  1. Chelsea Wolfe is my favorite thing right now.

    That interview with the Names is also pretty awesome. Props on the blog.