Wednesday, July 14, 2010


On the sleeve you can notice some sort of female who is amusing herself with a human skull and seeing that this cd is entitled “Necrolust” you can guess it’s not the type of music for the pussies among us, more something for the sickminded among us….
Not that Mordacious is new in the harsh EBM/Hellelectro-scene as before this release, our American friend released two cd’s “This emptiness” and “Torture Tatics”.
This third album had to become some new chapter in Mordacious’ bio by releasing this album through the Arkansas-based BLC-label but it turned out that this has become a self-release.
Better that than searching months for months for a label that shows interest, besides this release has everything a proper release has to have so…..
Mordacious uses all the classic ingredients you need for comingup with a classy EBM-album.
It’s perhaps those classic ingredients which is debatable as an optimist will claim that through that we have a classic album that is perfect while the pessimists among us will tell you that this is nothing new, it’s how you see it of course…
Anyone who’s searching for danceable hellelectro that comes close to Suicide Commando (with some industrial influences and lyrics about torture, violence, sex or death) will be very pleased with this one….

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