Monday, July 12, 2010


When you’re a dedicated Mission-fan like I am, it’s damn difficult to put any perspectives in the release of this album as one part of the brain says that it is a sign that once The Mish will come together, but the other part says that it’s just some lame excuse from the label to gather the last milkdrops of a dead cow.
The Mission were since 1986 one of the best bands ever on this bloody planet, during 20 years we were faced with the fact who was the genius behind The Sisters and I can’t think of that many bands that mean so much to me.
Anyway, this release is a collection from B-sides and demos that were made in the area of their latest release “God is a bullet” (soon after they disbanded) and some tracks are even from the Wayne Hussey-solostuff.
“Dum Dum Bullet” is the kind of album that can’t be bad, certainly not if you think like I do that the worst material from this band can’t (mostly) top the best of other bands.
Those who never cared about them won’t even be aware of the existence of this cd, the fans will just ask one thing : Baby come back!!!!

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