Sunday, July 4, 2010


In the category "I wanna loose all my credibility" I choose for this one from Cyndi Lauper which is a rather strange choice if you ask me.
When I was a young kid (ages ago) I used to hated that American chick with her orange hair, it made me turn off my TV.
What do you want?
"Girls just want to have fun" was played every hour on MTV which is in contrast what we're getting now : bloody soaps about fucking machos who wants to pimp up their car. Where is the M in MTV?
Oh get back to Mrs Lauper. Some songs on this are genius, the crappy reggaething from "Witness" for instance or the absolutely brilliant "She bop".
The Miami Vice-sounding synths from "I'll kiss you" and yes you pretend being Don Johnson driving away in your yellow Ferrari...
Even hated ballads when I was young so you can guess what I thought when "Time after time" came on the radio! Turn that bloody thing of!!!
One of the 80's albums that made the 80's the 80's I guess.
Perfect pop or the Gwen Stefani without the bollocks.
Soon after came the excellent "True Colors" and then it was over, but then again the 80's were over too...

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  1. this album is in no way crap. just brilliant genius.

    i still have copies of your old zines - i googled The Original Sin on a whim, can't believe you're still going strong! rock on.