Tuesday, July 13, 2010


In a recent interview we done with Mr James Nice from LTM he let us know that one of the most got played bands in his carstereo happens to be School Of Seven Bells and such a reference is good enough for us to give it a go.
This band got formed by twin sisters Alejandra and Claudia Deheza (is this the newest trend in pop?) and according to these New Yorkers they make a sort of shoegazing/dreampopthing.
Honestly said you can’t hear it that clear as most of the noisy guitars are kind of camouflaged by some danceable beat.
The good thing is that thru this addition, School Of Seven Bells sounds a bit more original than most of their soundmates but the sad thing is that a lot of the noisy beauty got lost as well, but having said that : a track like “Bye Bye” reminded us to the best stuff Curve once made.
According to the press these twins will make it one day and their previous album “Alpinism” already got praised by the NME and made it as one of the albums of 2009.
It’s all fine by me to hear such a band on the radio but the honesty in me must claim that I know other shoegzazingbands which aren’t hyped that much and sound better anyway, but you can’t blame these twins for that.

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