Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Fans had to wait more than 5 years to the newest offering from this Canadian duo, but they finally found some shelter under the Dependent-umbrella and with "Aftermath" Marco and Yone are bringing you their 8th studio-album.
Anyone who was familiar with this band will know that this is the sort of EBM-band in where there's place for melancholic synths (they even covered a song by The Frozen Autumn).
"Aftermath" sees them from a different vision as for their standards, this album is a bit more brutal.
A track like "Decompress" has harsh vocals and is a bit Nitzer Ebb-ish while "Dark refelections" is futurepop-killertune.
Due to this new direction they might dissapoint some old fans but still one of the better synthetic releases we are reviewing here.
Even if you ever were wondering how Clan Of Xymox would have sounded if they would have decided to become a Front 242-type of band, just listen to "Shelter me" and it might be an answer.
Recommended for all EBM-fans who expect more than boom-boom-boom.

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