Sunday, July 4, 2010


Not so long ago we featured this Edinburgh-based band in our "Unknown Pleasures"-section, then there was an interview and now there's the new EP.
Are we groupies then?
Well, if they were nice looking girls I guess it was debatable but as it's only a bunch of Scottish boys I guess we do it for the music.
Nah, serious this new EP just reminds us of the fact that this is a band with lots of potential.
Somewhere you can say it's The Wedding Present versus Belle & Sebastian as somewhere it's catchy indiedreampoptunes that you can jump to, from time to time there is a nice guitaroutburst (especially on "Standing Still").
I could tell you they're the best band I ever heard but then you should think that I'm working for the NME or that I'm just talking bollocks so let me put it in other words : I heard a lot of unsigned bands (perhaps too many as after all the majority of them is crap) but Cancel The Astronauts would be worth getting my money on, if ever I had some that is.
Check 'em out if you're into intelligent jingle-jangle indiepop.

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