Saturday, July 3, 2010


In case you wanna know more about this band, we have to dissapoint you as there's nothing known from this project.
Not enough research done?
Nah, but the founder of this band (Mike Sniper) is the kind of guy who wants to do everything in silence and even on stage you can observe him while his face is masked with some towel (makes you think of that Cabaret Voltaire sleeve "Micro-Phonies".
And the music?
Well, this Brooklyn based project uses a rhythm box, post-punkguitars and distorted vocals.
Something like Cold Cave? Yes exactly but only more fuzzy and more punky but it's the kind of record that could have been made in 1985 and it's genius!!!!
The hell with all that retro hippieshit, bring back the 80's!!!!

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