Sunday, July 4, 2010


Kind of found new inspiration for The Original Sin with some new items (I kid you not, you have to thank Stephanie de Monaco for that, I'll send the kisses though).
So in this section I wanna introduce you to some stuff most of you have never heard of.
Vice Versa were a band in the 70's that came from Sheffield and anyone who cites that town knows that it will be something industriallike cuz after all this city breeds the likes of Human League, Cabaret Voltaire and million others.
Vice Versa were such a band.
Musically it was a lo-fi minimal synththing with vocals that were close to Ian Curtis.
With regular (genius) saxophone-interludes you might think of a band named Clock DVA.
They only released a tape named "8 Aspects of" which was produced by the once to be legendary Trevor Horn.
Vice Versa would be legendary too one day as some years later they stood on Top Of The Pops, but this time they were called ABC and they were shooting poison arrows to our hearts!!!

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