Sunday, July 4, 2010


I know that dedicated fans will kill me for including this genius band into this section but I guess they must be the first to admit (even if it is with regret) that there are only a handful of people in the world who know this band.
You have to switch back to the mid 80's, early 90's in France as there was a movement named "touching pop".
Never liked the description that much but then again there was just no other word available for the marriage between cold wave and synthpop.
This movement was a French thing only and the label responsible for it was Lively Art.
One of the "leading" bands on the label was the mighty Little Nemo from Paris.
After having released dodgy (but genius) tapes they finally found a home on Lively Art.
I know enough from music to understand that pure technically they sucked totally, even the voice from singer Olivier Leymaire is far from being perfect.
But so what?
Little Nemo are one of the most honest and touching (ha!) bands I heard in my life, the sort of synthpop that gives you the feeling only a Chameleons-song can.
Still can't decide if their highlight is "Sounds in the attic" or those tapes.
By the way, there's no need to seek the tape on Parisian fleamarkets as the wonderful Infrastition-label released them on cd (check out that label by the way).
And what's more : since some months they're back and we're not talking about that nice fish from the Disneycartoon but our Parisian heroes themselves.
After having played some gigs, being featured on a Joy Division tribute-cd, we can even tell you that a new album by Little Nemo will be soon a fact!

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