Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I really start to like this section of my zine, you know.
Ever met someone who likes Europe?
Yes, I know you do (and I know lots of those myself) but I mean, people who are actually into serious music.
Were Europe serious then? Of course not, they were a fact I hated them back ten but me getting older I just see the genius behind it.
Europe actually started out as a prog rockband but as no one wanted to buy any stuff from this Swedish band they decided to put synths into their music...with the well know intro of "The final countdown" that made it one of the anthems of the 80's and once covered by Laibach in a superb way.
Their album was a laugh too with one of the most silly covers I ever saw and still so great, I mean you got here four mannequinboys who were looking like the toughest scumbags ever...
This whole album contained the other hits (even if they were minor ones like "Rock the night", "Carrie" or "Cherokee"). Absolute laugh is "Love chaser" in where they use that Final Countdown-synth to make a ballad with... Brilliant, in a way...

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