Thursday, July 15, 2010


Life In Sodom are an American band who are creating the finest darkwavesounds you can imagine.
Compare it to Clan Of Xymox, The Curen, Death In June or (ha!) Deine Lakaien...anyone with a heart for melancholic sounds will fall for this!!!!

To be discovered!

Hello, can you tell us who Life In Sodom are.

The main core of the bands is:
Gerrie Brand: Vocals, programming and lyrics
Daniel Heinze: Guitars
There are also many other artists who contribute on a regular basis, such as Virginia Fuillerat who has provided the female vocals on all of our releases.

I guess it won’t be that difficult to describe your music, and yet I hear both a touch of neofolk and darkwave.
Is that a well planned thing or just something that happened by coincidence?

It must be a coincidence that stems from the musical influences of the band members and the feeling that a particular song dictates. It is not something that has been pre planned or discussed in order to fit into a particular musical style.

You seem to be a band who is going for real instruments as well, I mean the “classical” instruments aren’t changed by some keyboard…..

The basic foundation and structure for most of the songs initially starts with the lyrics and traditional instruments such as electric or acoustic guitar and sometimes keyboards. Afterwards other elements are added depending on the effect that we are trying to achieve. Nothing is ruled out as far as instrumentation goes. If a sound sample or drum program fits the mood we will use it, and if a song works better with a stripped down approach, such as an acoustic guitar and vocal, that is how it will remain.

The first thing I thought was like “Hey, that sounds a lot like Deine Lakaien” but then again I suppose you have never heard from them….

I honestly can say that I have never heard of that band. I will have to look them up.

I also heard some Clan Of Xymox or even early Cure too….

Those are two of the many bands that have made an impression on us. We tend to gravitate towards bands that create a certain atmosphere with their sound. The post-punk movement with band like The Chameleons, Gang Of Four, Ultravox, Joy Division, etc… was a very creative time and I still find that music interesting.

The title speaks for themselves but I let you answer anyway, it aren’t the happiest things you’re singing about!

Lyrically, the songs usually have a melancholy quality to them. Sometimes the idea will come from dream or a memory of a past event.

Over here I guess you were “known” for having appeared on the Hex Files-compilation.
How little that may much sound I guess such things are the perfect opportunity to open doors, not?

I imagine so. Hopefully it reached people who may not have heard our music before. Any exposure is good when coupled with artists of similar interests.

And then, to be honest, we heard nothing from you over here but I guess that’s not particulary your choice…

Not our choice at all. We want our music to be available to anyone who will listen.

In fact, I wanna ask this : how is today to be some sort of darkwaveband in times that the musicindustry is collapsing?

We will continue to work on projects no matter what the climate of the music industry or musical trends. We have maintained a dedicated underground fan base that really does not rely on the industry.

Ask this to everyone : what’s your fave record of all time?

Gerrie: New Gold Dream by Simple Minds

Daniel: It is very difficult to choose a single record, but I would say the ones that I keep returning to are: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Tender Prey, The Gun Club: Fire of Love, Echo and the Bunnymen: Heaven Up Here, Nick Drake: Pink Moon and Television: Marquee Moon

How’s life in Sodomy?

Constantly evolving.
Thank you.


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