Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Already more than ten years is Eric Shans composing electronic music under the name of Phenotract.
What once started as a more industrial act has been developed into something more new wave-like, and this evolution can be perfectly heard on Eric’s latest baby “Shifting”.
Everything on here has been done by Eric himself and you could say that his work is like the one from a modern troubadour if onlythe instrument he has chosen is the synthesizer, which leads to modern synthpop that embraces the 80’s with love, especially Kraftwerk.
But, and that graces artists like Eric, this artist from Brooklyn has no problem admitting who his influences are.
Never you hear him saying that he’s coming up with the latest masterpiece or that he does something which has never been done before, everything is presented in a humble way and it’s done in a way in where you can smell the love of music….a love that gave Eric the ability to come up with songs that are worth being remembered.
And if it might sound like Kraftwerk or DAF…you know, there are people who are falling for Paul Mc Cartney and you have those who are in love with what Frank Tovey once did.
Beautiful synthsounds that has echoes from Depeche Mode (of course) or the better techno, and if you add to that the beautiful vocals from Niabi Caldwell you’ll have something that we can describe as a wonderful synthpopalbum. Recommended.

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