Saturday, July 3, 2010


Reviewing some band from which you know nothing isn’t always that easy but then again the question rises what can be said about some band that just launches its first EP.
We can start talking about telling you which university they went to or in which garage they recorded their EP but that’s all irrelevant stuff that leaves you cold as you’re only interested in one thing : how do they sound like?
Well, this band from California immediately sound quite recognizable by its shoegazesound that fits well the style from the later My Bloody Valentine but you can also put Seefeel as a reference as it’s all quite danceable (well we know that not all kids would dance to this but that’s another matter).
“Neon Chrome EP” promises a lot even if we have to be honest by telling that the production could be better but then again we know that such bands can’t afford the expensive studio-equipments as we can definitely hear a band with potentials.
Recommended for shoegazefans who love their stuff a bit more psychedelic and experimental.

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