Saturday, July 3, 2010


Bluesanct is an American DIY-label which is specialized in what can be labelled as experimental music with a dark undertone and I guess Cindytalk (once associated with 4-AD) might be the best known act on the label.
Orphanology is a sublabel from Bluesanct and one of their latest offerings brings us straight to the best town in the world (Gent, no doubt) where we find Circle Bros, the one man band from Wim Lecluyse : famous (well kind of, I guess) for being the founder of Morc records.
This cd-r release has been made around the same time their main album “Haven” got born (released on Morc) but according to Wim these songs are only a bit more darker and with five titles that all end on “less”, that’s the least you can say.
I never said it’s easy to categorize the music from Circle Bros even if automatically it will end up in the drone-section but something like industrial music with a psychedelic touch makes as much sense (I think….).
I even do think it’s not that far away from the Slowdivesound in their “Pygmalion”-days.
As always a mighty release from a band that never sounds predictable as every forthcoming second is a little surprise in its own.

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